(If your children are slightly younger or older than this –  we can make room for you too! Welcome!)

The next event we have coming up are our ASD Coffee Mornings – for parents who would like to connect with others and who are seeking support for their children. Of course – bring your children where possible – we’d love to meet them too. Find out more details by clicking on the button.

We also have a huge October Expo that we are planning. There will be workshops and talks put on for you and/or your children – by professionals from around the country. Businesses that support the needs of our family will be there also. Places for workshops are limited – you will need to book early. Click on the button for more information.

Our online space for parents is where connection happens – we share, ask advice and support each other, as parents of older children. The Parents of Teens & Pre-Teens Village Community has over 1000 members from around the world. You are more than welcome to join us. Click the button for more information.


  • Workshops

  • Networking

  • Support

  • Coffee Mornings

  • Exhibitions

Who decided that parenting support should only be offered between the child’s 0-5yrs?

The teen years are tough – for them and they can be just as tough on us.
Stress at school, attitude, behaviour, putting themselves at risk… the terrible two’s are nothing in comparison!

That’s why we have created this village 

We know that regardless of how much money you have, regardless of your educational background and regardless of which area you live in – there just isn’t enough support available for parents and families whose children are struggling.

Through online and offline networking events, this ‘village’ is for you.

To be part of a supportive, uplifting community of parents who all recognise that parenting children through the adolescent years is challenging for us all.

‘No Judgement – No Blame’

The village encourages the understanding and empowerment for all our members.

The Village is there for us to all learn from one another. We all have golden nuggets of knowledge that can go on to support other families to lead happy ‘connected’ lives.

Most importantly – we inject a healthy dose of fun into our meet-ups – so we look forward to seeing you there soon!