About Us

First of all we want to give a huge thanks you to our partners and sponsors for recognising the value in the work we are doing and supporting us to reach more parents of teens & pre-teens!

We are a non-profit organisation.

In order to carry out the valuable work that we do, we are reliant on our team of volunteers, donations and funding for various projects.

We have been doing a lot of work in order to get this village going for you and our sister organisation ‘teen-behaviour.com’ is where it all started.

Anika Vassell parentingtakesavillage.com

Anika Vassell

Teen Behaviourist & Parent Advocate

CEO & Founder of Teen-Behaviour.Com & ‘The Village’

Hello parents! I’m a mom of two beautiful girls aged 12 and 15 – who both bring challenges in one way or the other related to growing up in this complicated world.

I’m a psychologist, specialising in adolescent behaviour and have 25+ yrs of experience working with young people and families. The reason for me starting The Village and Teen-Behaviour.Com was to make sure that we, as parents, are skilled, knowledgable and confident enough to ensure we remain respected and central in the eyes of our older children and with any external services that might support us.

I’m currently a PhD candidate at The University of Nottingham where I am studying the impact of adolescent behaviour on parents. I am also an ex teacher, have worked with young offenders, children in residential care and I’m a director of an Alternative Provision in Nottingham.

Shoana Qureshi-Khan

Shoana Qureshi-Khan

Director & Project Lead

‘The Village’

Hi, I’m Shoana and I have over 20yrs of experience in Social Development; Young People Rehabilitation and serving the rights of marginalised groups within society.

I  holds a BA (Hons) in Social Policy Studies and a National Advocacy qualification in Rights-Based Facilitation.

I have a vast amount of experience addressing the needs of young people, parents and their families and The Village is where I love supporting parents in putting it into good use.

Angela Owen parentingtakesavillage.com

Angela Owen

Parent Advocacy & Online Advisor (Neurodiversity)


I’m a mum of 3 kids who have all been diagnosed with neuro-diverse special needs. I’ve been through every hoop, trauma and issue with schools, doctors and society.

Being a mum of teenagers myself I believe in real and practical strategies to guide all of our children through the stormy waters of teenage issues.

I’m currently studying Psychology & Law with the intention of bringing this knowledge to enhance my advocacy work with parents.

Dana Sabin parentingtakesavillage.com

Dana Sabin

Parent Advisor & Online Support (DV)

Hi I’m Dana.

I’m a parent to 3 beautiful humans. Ive faced lots of issues regarding challenging teen behaviour which led me to The Village.

It is here I learned how to support parents with their issues regarding their children and I absolutely love what I do!!

I also specialise in DV and work as support officer in this field.

I have lots of experience in working and supporting vulnerable people including volunteering for framework and the homeless soup run and helping to run a local youth club.

My objective in life is inclusivity and accepting people for who they are!! No judgement no blame

Everyone has a story I will be there to listen always xx

Donna Asher parentingtakesavillage.com

Donna Asher

Parent Advisor & Online Support (16+)

I’m a mum of two grown up boys. Gym and Wine addict.

I was introduced to the group by a friend who was a member who thought I could use the support and advice of other parents going through similar issues as I was, whilst my youngest was struggling through school.

Areas of interest are ASD behaviours and sorting out the relationships between parents & schools.

Lucy Green parentingtakesavillage.com

Lucy Green

Parent Advisor & Online Support (ASD)


I’m a mom of three, one of whom is a child with complex needs and I also work with children who have  medical complex needs.

I have lots of experience with EHCP and have medical knowledge and qualifications to be a nursing associate. I also hold a Level 4 Safeguarding; progressing to Level 5 and Early Years & Education – Level 4.

I joined the Village group after Angela Owen told me my knowledge would be beneficial and the was soon after invited to be part of The Village team.

With my experince in Special Educational Needs – I am able to support and ultimately advocate for parents to ensure they get early diagnosis and channels to get the correct professional support – xx

Emma Heath parentingtakesavillage.com

Emma Heath

Parent Advisor & Online Support (School Refusal)

Social Media Manager

Hello, I’m Emma Heath, mum to 4 children – one of which has complex & challenging needs and is currently refusing/unable to attend school.

My professional background is in training, assessment and internal verification of qualifications within Health & Social Care – supporting work based learning.
My areas of interest are in helping children who have anxiety, ASD & associated conditions and also supporting parents to feel supported & empowered during challenging times.

I attended a coffee morning facilitated by The Village and instantly felt I’d found the support and people I’d been looking for! I’m proud to now be part of the team!