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These events are strictly for parents only!

If you are a professional then get in touch – we offer CPD training programmes specifically designed for you. 


All workshops are suitable for parents whom have children aged 9-19yrs

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Understanding the Teen Brain – Pt1

(a.k.a. “What the hell is my teen thinking?”) 13 Mar

The teen brain is a work in progress – find out how this impacts on your child’s behaviour and attitude – and what you can do about it!

Understanding the Teen Brain – Pt2

(a.k.a. “Has this child completely lost it?”) 27 Mar

A further exploration into the psychology of the teen brain so you can understand why they just don’t think, feel, or behave as you do!

Confident Parenting

(a.k.a. “I’ve so got this!”) 24 Apr

Come and find out how to elevate your own parenting mindset so that you are viewed as the authority by your child and the ‘professionals’ who work with them.

Challenging Teen Behaviour – Pt1

(a.k.a. “Now they’ve met their match!”) 1 May

So, your son and daughter has just starting to test those boundaries. Come and get key tips and measures that you can put in place to restore or maintain order in your home.

Challenging Teen Behaviour – Pt2

(a.k.a. “They see I only want the best!”) 8 May

Get my Five-Step Method and experience a huge reduction in the number of conflict situations between you and your teen.

Teen Anxiety & Depression

(a.k.a “What am I supposed to do now?”) 22 May

The emotional health of our children across the UK,  is ‘at crisis point’.There is a huge role for us as parents to play. Come and find out about warning signs & the action steps you can take.

Motivating Your Teen to Success

(a.k.a. “This mountain will shift!”) 5 Jun

Does getting your teen sparked by life feel like an uphill struggle? Is their life spent on gaming or on social media? Come and find out how to encourage your child to add more vibrancy and variety into their lifestyle.